Au Revoir, 2012!

Despite my ego’s criticism of the formulaic predictability of reviewing the last twelve months as this year draws to a rainy, grey close, I am going to put down my highlights of the last twelve months anyway. Just because a lot of people are doing it, doesn’t make it any less sacred or important for me to do, too.

So, here is my year…

  • Married beautiful Nige, and planned our wedding in 37 days.
  • Papa Bear's speechHoneymooned in Italy – beautiful. Those 7am swims were glorious.
  • Choreographed Acorn Antiques for Henfield Theatre Company. I stuck with it even when I really didn’t want to.
  • Rode two sportives on my bike.
  • Rode my first ever 20% climb in Surrey.
  • Set a PB on Botolphs.
  • Supported Nige in his sportives, and cheered Claire along on her amazing 10k run.
  • Worked all year as an English teacher, meeting so many incredible people who touched my heart.

RAFO guys on their last day

  • Worked privately with English clients.
  • Started Learn English with Elloa on Facebook, on this blog and via my newsletter.
  • Edited and published 5 editions of The Ripple, Clearmind’s quarterly magazine.
  • Edited and published Graham’s book, How to be a Productivity Ninja, which got to number one on Amazon and got lots of 5 star reviews.

Went to Prague, Vienna, Rimine, Berlin, and of course Liverpool 😉 Vienna

  • Assisted an Awakening workshop. Life-changing.
  • Stayed connected with Nige throughout the year, getting to know him more, and letting him know me.
  • Strengthened my friendships with Lian, Liz, Helene and Anna – love you girls.

Friends of a very happy bride

  • Started writing a workshop with Nige. (Interested? Email me!)
  • Rode 1,500 miles on my bike.
  • Trained really well in the first quarter of the year.
  • Started my diploma in teaching.
  • Applied and was accepted to speak at the IATEFL conference in April.
  • Decided to do Drawing Down the Moon workshop, committed and paid.
  • Decided to do Prac and committed by putting it ‘out there’.
  • Started Style Coaching with Kim and have made huge progress (watch this space for the next installment!).
  • Had lots of fun dates with Nige including Pulborough Brooks nature reserve, tea rooms, Nandos, cinema trips, beach walks, amateur theatre, butterfly house and lots of lovely meals out.

Best mates and mighty companions

  • Went to Kiara’s birthday party and saw her again at the mind body spirit festival in Brighton.
  • Meditated every day for the last 5 or six weeks.
  • Did ACIM lessons 1-29 every day for the last 29 days.
  • Spoke to my maternal Granny for the first time in years, went to my Grandma’s 80th birthday party, and finally had that meal with Nige and Julie.
  • Had Sage to stay in January.
  • Roadied for Nige over Christmas.
  • Edited Kick Ass Fridays for Nige and put his website together.
  • Siblings met each other for the first time ever. Wow!


  • Didn’t save any money.
  • Put weight on towards the end of the year.
  • Re-allowed sugar into my life.
  • Didn’t see as much of my family as I’d have liked to.
  • Didn’t see my friends enough.
  • Jema and Rebecca… miss you both.

Looking ahead… What is 2013 for?

  • TRUST. Trusting that Spirit’s got my back, that things are unfolding perfectly.
  • Spiritual practice is non-negotiable. Daily meditation is to be as much as part of my life as breakfast and breathing.

That’s it for me in terms of intentions. I am keeping it really simple. I want God to be at the centre of my life. I may do a 10 day Vipassana silent meditation; I may not. I may write a book; I may not. I may blog; I may not. But one thing I am committing to is walking my path with God, Love and remembering the truth at the forefront of my consciousness.

What about you, dear one – how has your year been?

And what are you taking into 2013?

Love you. Thank you for being you.

Elloa xx


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